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This website is a way to share with you some interesting stories alongside recipes. The history of baking is so vast and so deep, and my job here is to concentrate all the little facts scattered everywhere around the globe.

In addition to my research around the bread, I also try to figure out what is the most accurate recipe about it. If you think you have a better one, or just want to add some informations, please feel free to use the comment section or send me a message via the Contact page.


The Coronavirus situation definitely impacted a lot on the industry of hospitality and restauration, and left us with a lot of time. I started to enjoy this as a long vacation but I quickly got bored. I needed something to do.

Like everybody else on Instagram, I started to make bread. But the classic sourdough was not enough for me. So I tried to make different breads and shared them on my account. More and more bread I made, more and more history I read, and more interested I got. I was so into it that some days, I could bake 2 different bread, 1 brioche and some croissants.

I got some feedback about people telling me that they liked the history behind the bread, and that really motivated me to bake some more bread. I got asked many times about the recipes, so that’s when I decided to create this website.


I started my food journey few years ago as a barista working in coffee shops. One day the kitchen staff needed some help to bake some pastries. And before I know it I’m suddenly baking hundreds of cookies, brownies, cheesecakes and others sweet treats. I got interested and I went to work in the savory section.

That’s how cooking became my job, but most importantly, my passion. I decided to go to cooking school in Paris, working part-time in a nice, classy French restaurant. After graduating, I wanted to learn more about pastry, that’s how I got into The Connaught (5-stars hotel).

I’m still working there right now, learning more and more everyday.

I always try to search deeper through the history of bread, to give you the more accurate version of it. If you think that some informations are incorrect, you want to clarify a point, or you just want to give some more facts, please feel free to comment below the recipes or to contact me via the Contact page.