What is Enriched Dough?

What is Enriched Dough

Enriched dough is a type of dough that contains high levels of fat and sugar. It is often used to make sweet breads, such as brioche, and rich savory dishes, such as croissants. Enriched dough is made by adding fats, such as butter or eggs, and sugars, such as honey or molasses, to the flour. … Read more

Should I Use Purified Water For Making Bread?

Should I Use Purified Water For Making Bread?

When it comes to baking bread, many recipes call for purified or chlorine free water. But why? After all, history books don’t mention bottled water being around when early Egyptians were cranking out Pharaoh’s royal bread. So what’s the deal? It turns out that using purified or chlorine-free water is actually important for making a … Read more

Can You Bake Bread in a Dutch Oven?

Can You Bake Bread in a Dutch Oven

Can you bake bread in a Dutch oven? I was recently asked this question, and my answer is a resounding yes! A Dutch oven is a fantastic dish for baking most kinds of bread. In fact, many no-knead and other artisan-style breads are actually better when baked in a Dutch oven, compared to a sheet … Read more

Can I Proof Dough in The Oven? Yes, Here’s How

Can I Proof Dough in The Oven

One of the biggest problems when it comes to making bread at home is managing cold temperatures during winter. The irony is that many people often catch the baking bug during the winter. Right when baking bread takes just a bit more planning. Cold weather is a challenge because many recipes are written for average … Read more